2018 Piano Cats Calendar Now Available!

Get your 2018 Piano Cats Calendar now! It’s the purrfect gift for yourself and the cat and music lovers in your life. This 13-month calendar features gorgeous pictures of Shorty and Kodi against their grand piano with all the important cat dates you need to know (like National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, and, If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What, you didn’t know there was an “If Pets Had Thumbs” day? Well, we all need to take pause, ahem, take paws, and consider how lucky we are that our pets don’t have thumbs or else they wouldn’t rule just the internet, but the world!). Order now at https://goo.gl/WQe47Y

piano cat calendar

As always, a portion of the proceeds benefit Toronto Humane SocietyFarm Sanctuary, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I regularly support these organizations because they serve and protect so many animals and increase awareness of the many issues concerning both animal and human rights within animal-using industries.

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