7 Tips for Filming Your Cats

Have you ever tried filming your cats when they’re doing something funny, only to find they stop moving the second you bring out the camera?

When you hit record and try to get your cat’s attention, do they turn away?

Do you want to start filming your cats, but not sure where to start?

Then look no further!

Whether you want to try and make your cats go viral on YouTube or just want some fun home videos of your beloved feline, here are my 7 tips for filming your cats.

  1. Film them as kittens so they get used to seeing you with a camera. Cats don’t understand what that strange obstacle is between them and you, so if you wondered why your cats turn away as soon as you point a camera at them, it may be because they can’t see your eyes and can’t read your intentions, or they’re confused. Try filming them often, as kittens if possible, so they come to know the camera is just an extension of you rather than a barrier.
  2. Build a loving, trusting relationship with your cats. Cats are funniest when they’re just acting naturally and they do this best when they feel loved, safe and secure.
  3. Always have the camera ready. You never know when they’re going to do something hilarious, so try to have a recording device within reach at all times, whether it’s your camera phone on your person or a point-and-shoot on an end table in the living room when you’re watching tv.
  4. Leave a camera recording where they usually play since cats are unpredictable. Some of the greatest “haunted hallway” moments were captured for me this way. I’ll set up a camera, hit record, and just walk away. At the end of the day I’ll check the footage to see if there’s anything I’d like to use in a video. Just be careful of the camera! You’ll see in the video that they loved knocking over my Flip cam – only about $200 – that, unfortunately, they don’t make anymore; unfortunate because, yes, they knocked it over one too many times and it no longer works. And then you’ll also see that I do have a proper – and very expensive – Sony video camera that almost got knocked over when I had set it down, safely up on a chair, I thought, only to have Kodi scurry by and nearly send it tumbling down before I let out the shrillest scream and caught it just in time! Phew! Now I’ll usually set up a camera and barricade it so they can’t knock it down.
  5. Please don’t dress them up in anything. Cats really don’t like it, even if they tolerate it, and they’ve already got beautiful coats!
  6. Don’t force them to do anything. Cats are amazing on their own. Unfortunately, with YouTube stardom just a viral video away, more and more people are doing things like dressing up their cats and trying to teach them to do tricks to get funny or interesting footage. But Shorty and Kodi are just two normal shelter cats who, like all cats, have some crazy moments that I’ve managed to get on video to produce funny stuff. You can do the same by just letting your cats be cats. But even then, you may not get any footage. Not all cats do crazy, zany things, but they’re still adorable and full of love. Here’s a funny video talking about just that.
  7. Above all, keep your cats healthy, happy and loved. I have hours and hours of footage of Shorty and Kodi doing absolutely nothing. Empty hallways, bored cats, Shorty sitting in one place, literally, for 30 minutes without moving. Sure, I think it would be cool to be one of those with a massively viral video like Surprised Kitty, but the relationship I have with ShoKo trumps everything.

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