8 Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

“Oh, you have a cat? I’m more of a dog person,” is a typical dog person’s response to learning I have a cat. Little do they know you can have the best of both worlds.

Does your cat do any of these things? Do you think it’s unusual, or just a happy cat being happy?

8 Signs Your Cat is Actually A Dog:

Cats express their personality fully when they feel safe and comfortable and loved and this behaviour actually isn’t all that uncharacteristic of cats, especially of tuxedo or cowcats like Kodi. But it’s still surprising for most to see Kodi doing things like playing tug-of-war, fetch, and actually coming when called. Pleasantly surprised, it would seem, as this video has over 11 million views. And this was just a collection of his funny moments for his 1st birthday. His un-feline like behaviour made this an easy task. Kodi’s a quirky cat who became an instant YouTube star in How to Walk Your Human. Here

He likes to go for walks. Truth be told I haven’t actually taken Kodi for a walk outside. My two are strictly indoor cats. But his favourite game is indeed taking the wand toy and dragging it – and me – behind.

He growls. Actually many cats growl, though not usually over possession, and tiny kitten Kodi’s object-aggressive growl was the cutest thing ever.

And pants. Warning, if you’re a YouTuber and people see your cat panting, you’ll be inundated with claims that your cat is about to die. Many kittens, including every one I have had, plays so hard they begin to pant. If your cat is panting when not playing, certainly see a vet.

He’s not too bright. Come on, that’s funny, given what happens in the video, and I couldn’t resist comically fanning the flames between cat and dog people. Most got the joke, but still, I had to put the disclaimer “No offence, dog lovers!” People are sensitive on YouTube.

He listens to you. No joke, Kodi comes when called, stops doing something when told to, and even won’t do things like jump on the counter or meow at night because that’s a “bad kitty.” If only Sho could learn this!

He “retrieves” things. With the way Kodi likes to carry things in his mouth, you could liken him to a golden retriever who likes to present you with there favourite toy when you enter the house. Koko, however, downright steals things like clothing, letters and toys from Sho.

He fetches. Still does.

And he never leaves your side. Truth. Less of a familiar and more of a devoted pal, Koko is always with me.

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  1. You have/had 3 cats: black and white, fuzzy black & orange striped…..why are all films have the black & white cat?

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