Is this really the BEST REACTION EVER?

Very early in Shorty’s YouTube tenure, she was dubbed The Anti-Depressant Kitty for her comical ways. Whether it was leaving her little pink tongue sticking out, her expressive eyes, or her frantic “dancing,” her viewers never left without a smile.

Keen followers also observed that she seemed to have wicked comic timing and oddly humanistic reactions to things. I never captured this better than in this clip.

I was actually filming a Valentine’s Day video, convinced that Kodi would take another starring turn at dragging the heart-shaped balloon down the hallway. But when reviewing the footage, I saw Shorty’s reaction to the ballon and I wanted to include it but I didn’t want to post myself half-naked in my PJs! Could I crop myself out? Could I edit it in some way? It was terribly embarrassing, but in the end I thought my bare back just added to the random ludicrousness of it all and I found these 10 seconds hilarious immediately.

Others did too as someone had copied the Valentine’s Day vid and turned the first 10 seconds into a gif that went viral on Reddit, adding text that matched Shorty’s double-take: “Wait… is that a balloon?”

Fast forward several months and a music company claimed copyright on the Valentine’s Day vid. It happens in the YouTube world, especially if you use music that companies can steal from the owners and filter through their Content ID system (it eventually gets resolved but the extra work is annoying. The composer of the music in this video is Kevin MacLeod who makes a lot of royalty-free music online). Angry about this, I took the V-Day vid down and uploaded only Shorty’s reaction — without music this time — using one of the popular comments on the video as the title: BEST REACTION EVER!

Over 6 million views later it remains a personal and fan-favourite moment in the ShoKo catalogue and added to the hallway’s iconography as a place where odd things happen. The downside is now everyone knows that in my spare time I walk around half-naked making cat videos. Sigh… I guess there are worse things I could do.

But what do you think? Is this the “best reaction ever?” Do you think Shorty’s actually thinking and processing the information of what she’s seeing when peering into the camera? Are you on the side of “this is hilarious!” or is it just “meh?”

8 thoughts on “Is this really the BEST REACTION EVER?

  1. It really is a great reaction. Not necessarily “was that a balloon?” but “oh, something unusual and possibly interesting…guess I’ll check it out.”

  2. It’s hilarious and the best reaction ever. 🙂 She had to be thinking something for her to follow after you. And nothing wrong with you walking around your house half naked.

  3. I love this video… and all Shoko videos. I even have a Kodi, how to train your human long sleeve t-shirt. I plan on buying more Shoko stuff. And watching all the videos.

  4. Shorty’s comic timing is just spot on! This vid always makes me laugh, so yes, best reaction ever! And shirtless is perfectly fine, too! 😀

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