Cat Yoga Basics

Attention, kitties! Our humans need some help sticking to their New Year’s resolutions of getting in shape! Since we invented yoga, and since we need our humans to keep opening our cans of food (curse their opposable thumbs!), let’s help them out, shall we? Here are some basic moves that you can show your human. But be patient! Humans are rather inflexible and slow. They sometimes pretend they don’t even know what we’re saying! But you know what to do. One swift paw to the ankle will get them moving.


Breathe deeply in Savasana

Rock gently from side to side

Stretch your leg to the ceiling

Rest in Child’s Pose

Come into Downward Dog. Use a prop if needed.

Gently come into headstand

Lion’s face with tongue out

Half Moon Pose

Good luck, kitties! Watch this for more ideas. If you don’t have enough space to demonstrate, steal your human’s mat. Humans are very compliant when you play the cute card. They fall for it every time.

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