The Cat Yoga Mat

I’ll take, Things I Didn’t Know I Needed, for $1,000, Alex.

The Joys of Cat Yoga

Anyone who has seen my yoga and fitness videos knows the cats – especially Kodi – love to be involved. As soon as I drop the yoga mat on the floor, they claim it as their own as if I purposely put it there just for them. Because everything is just for them, right?

As cute as it is when Kodi is the crouching tiger to my chaturanga, not only does he get in my way, I worry about accidentally stepping on him! I know a lot of people come to my yoga vids just to watch the cat yoga, but there are times I wish he wasn’t such a little yogi kitty.

Nothing like a tail in the face during Downward Dog to show who’s the true master of meditation. ? ? 

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Enter Paige Hodges. She noticed my purrdicament (sorry, I try to keep the cat talk to a minimum on this page but sometimes I can’t resist!) and sent me a Cat Yoga Mat to try. It’s a yoga mat fit for a cat with a cat toy attached. Would he try it? Well, he investigates everything new that comes into the house, so I figured he would.

And, of course, he did, as you’ll see in the video below. In fact, he gets downright Zen about the experience! But will I miss his insistence on being involved in my yoga practice? Maybe. He always puts a smile on his face. But I love him having his own cat yoga mat, much like his own cat tree. When cats have their own real estate in the house, it makes them happy, which makes for a happy, peaceful home. And isn’t that the point? You can buy the Cat Yoga Mat on Amazon and be sure to follow Paige and her feline yogis on Instagram and Facebook.

And if you want to see more of Kodi (and Shorty, but Kodi really loves being in the yoga vids!), you can subscribe to my fitness and yoga channel here. Yoga is much more fun when a cat is involved!

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