Happy 6th Birthday, Shorty!

(Ok, yesterday was her birthday but due to technical difficulties, I couldn’t get this on here until today.)

Lordy, lordy, Shorty’s 40!

Ok, she’s actually 6. Normally I don’t think I have to explain cat years and human years, like yesterday when I posted this and some of course have to comment that it’s not possible for a cat to be 40.

Lordy, lordy, Shorty's 40!

Posted by Shorty and Kodi on Saturday, September 24, 2016

But that’s ok. It’s always fun to read and keeps the Facebook interesting!

So yesterday was a lot of attention for Sho. If you’re following our Instagram, I posted several videos to our Story (short clips that disappear after 24 hours, kinda like Snapchat) of her playing and running after her little catnip-filled presents. Plus every time she walked by me I was all, “Awww, who’s the special birthday girl, Shorty? Happy Birthday!” And she would lift her head and chirp in response waiting for the treats that would inevitably be dished out.

Yup she's definitely excited that it's her birthday! #crazycat #notthenewcouch!

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I’ve said elsewhere on this blog that when I brought her home from the Toronto Humane Society in November, 2010, they told me not to ever let her outside because outdoor cats in the city live an average of only 3-5 years. Of course, I’ve never let her out, but I always thought about that number. Not to get all maudlin, but I’ve always feared the death of my animals, unable to truly process the reality of death and good-bye and finality. So I kept it in my mind that if she just lives past 5, everything’s a bonus. But then, every day is a bonus for each of us and our furry little beasts. A friend of mine who successfully battled stage four cancer says, “Every day on this side of the ground is a good one.” Hm, I’ve gotten a little sidetracked here, but I just want to say that Shorty (and Kodi, and all animals) remind me to try and stay focused on the “now” and not fear the future or mourn the past, and to quit all the useless worry and self-pity that plagues so many of our present moments.

Well, that was a bit of a digression. Anyhoo, Happy Birthday my beloved Sho-Sho! You’ve given me so much joy and warmth and love ever since I brought you home. Not just me, of course, but the thousands of people who see you every day. I wonder what you would think if you could know and understand what it’s like to have touched so many, to win film festivals, to know millions of people have watched your antics. You’d probably think us all crazy and roll your eyes and go back to important things like running up the walls and hissing at Kodi. Incidentally, I’ve had several requests for Shorty’s birthday shirt over the years, and I’ve released it only til Tuesday, September 27, here. You’ll see it in the video when I’m unashamedly dancing with my cat to her birthday song. Good lord, what have we come to?? 🙂

Oh, and one more thing, you’ll notice the music quality in the video isn’t the greatest. See, of course 50 Cent didn’t approve of the use of his song, nor did any of his representatives, but I’m taking the chance that none of them will actually see this and want to sue me, so I kept it in the background so the music matchy programs on Facebook and YouTube wouldn’t flag it. Anyway, method to my madness. Peace and purrs out!

Happy 6th Birthday, Shorty!

Happy 6th Birthday, Shorty! 6 years ago today you were born into the world and continue to make it better and brighter every day. Thank you for bringing us so much joy and love, and for teaching us that simple things like a balloon can be the most amazing thing you've ever seen. Love you, Sho!

Posted by Shorty and Kodi on Saturday, September 24, 2016


2 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday, Shorty!

  1. Thank you as always for your wonderful post. When you said how difficult it is to think about your cats death, I could relay so much with this. Two days before I had to move to a new appartment, it turned out during the standard yearly checkup that his heart is beating much too fast. I would need to give him meds on a daily basis, but nobody really told me what that means actually, how serious is this? I have been told the prognosis goes from death within weeks to years feeling fine. I found this very hard accept and realise.

    During the move Dexter, purring loving and beloved, became weaker, didn’t touch food any more. I was crying and so afraid he might die. It was daily the same question, would visiting the vet help or is it too much stress for him? I stayed with him all the time. It turned out the major stress factor was the new appartment being almost 3 times larger than the last one and how Tjorven, our second cat reacted to that. They live together since more than 10 years, never actually loved each other because Dexter is extremely jealous and didn’t want to share the tiniest bit of me with another cat. So they tolerated each other somehow and Dexter was the dominant cat.

    In the new appartment the rules suddenly changed. Dexter was too afraid to leave the room where my was while Tjorven was extremely happy to capture the whole new big territory. Tjorven became quite dominant and kept Dexter away from the food, so I didn’t extra care there is always wet and dry food available for Dexter.

    After 5 weeks Dexter was starting to feel better, he explored the other rooms, but Tjorven sternly refused to let him to the upper floor. Tjorven took not only the upper floor as HER territory but decided also she would now be my now be my fiance’s cat (or rather he would be her human).

    After several months now everything is fine, Dexter is back his own self and living with me on the lower floor. Tjorven is very happy with her new human companion and both cats visit each other in their territory. This has been quite a difficult time and I kept on telling myself I need to accept that Dexter will die one day. But I can’t. I’m not strong enough. All I can do is cherishing every day with these two unique cats. Luckily my fiance loves both cheeky cats also very much.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Katrin. I wish I had some powerful words of advice to share about being strong, maybe something Maya Angelou might say. I’m so glad, though, that things have worked out!

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