How Did Kodi Get His Name?

Not the controversy that Shorty’s name caused, but it still gets asked. At the adoption centre, Kodi’s name at 10 weeks old was Spy, but when we brought him home, it just didn’t stick. “Shorty & Spy” has a nice ring to it as a cat duo now that I think of it, but we needed to find something to reflect his character.

Many suggested we go with a typical physical identifier as a name like Smudge or Rorschach or Tux to honour the splotch on his nose. But to me it didn’t suit his personality so we needed to find something more personal.

I wanted to go with Chaz, but that was the name of my first cat who was also a bit crazy. I also thought of Jaz or Jax but they didn’t feel right. Finally, considering his boyish nature and human bonding, I started calling him by a human name, Cody, but wanted something more unique, so the spelling Kodi came to be.

But what about the phonic similarity to Shorty? Would they each identify their own name as separate from the other? We think they do, but the evidence only really lies in Kodi coming when called and both Shorty and Kodi coming when Shorty is called, and I’m pretty sure the latter is only because Kodi never wants to be left out. I do think they understand the “shor-” and “ko-” differences based on their reactions but I admit this could just be my own bias. More often than not, however, his nickname, Koko, is used, along with variations therein: Kokobean, Kokopuffs, Loco Koko,

As it turned out, his name actually turned out to be prescient for his other nickname, Kodipendent, is based on his codependent nature.

In hindsight, I could’ve named him Joker because he has a heart on his chin, what could be a club on his nose, and I’m sure I could identify a spade and diamond elsewhere on his fur. But it would be antithetical because he is so full of love.

Whatever his name had turned out to be, Kodi has definitely made an impression considering the amount of people who have told me they’ve named their cat or dog after him, which is a great honour!

8 thoughts on “How Did Kodi Get His Name?

  1. Thank you guys! I have 3 kitties. My youngest is all black like Shorty, but sooooo reminds me of Kodi! His name is Spider. My oldest is McKay (almost 20 years old), but I call him Mister because it suits him. My other is Theodore, and that suits him as well. He’s little and sweet. Thank you for sharing, luv ur kitties!????

  2. I have Magick, Merlin (just deceased in June at 14 yrs old), Mystick, Medea, Mackenzie (also deceased now), and Grimm and Sunny(middle name Mackenzie after his predecessor)–they are The House of “M” on Facebook….like us! We love you!

  3. Sweeney’s was officially Sweeney Todd, the daemon cat of Monroe St. because he was such a fierce but low keyed kitten. He was not very affectionate, did not tolerate being held or cuddled and refused to sleep with me. When he entered a room he was always on the prowl and you knew that at any minute you would end up bearing the brunt of some self-imagined revenge. Then when he was 5 we moved into a different apartment (same surroundings) where he had a complete personality change, no doubt figuring he’d better wise up and become civilized. He’s still not great on being held but has become much more loving. He has gone from Sweeney to Sweenes or Sweeners for a while, but mostly now he’s become my BooBoo kitty and definitely recognizes just plain Boo.

  4. My sister adopted a calico with a similar splotch on her nose. Our mom jokingly offered the name “black booger”, and we went with it mostly to annoy her. We called her Bb for short

  5. Mine’s a black and white just like Kodi, right down to gorgeous markings and the splotch on her nose. While we considered naming her Sky (her eyes still had a kittenish blueness), we decided to give her a ‘little girl’s name’ because of her very cute, little girl’s face.

    I don’t know when we took the left exit, but we ended up calling her Cleo. Funnily enough, this suited her personality perfectly. Like most BSH kitties, she’s not a big one on affection. She’s a solitary little queen. When she’s not preening, hunting (she decimated the rat population on the road single-pawed, and most of our neighbours love her for it), or surveying her kingdom, she’s a little shadow. As much as she loves her own space, she’s good pals with our little Jack Russell (they’re roughly the same size), and they love chasing each other. She’s ‘Princess Cleopatra’ when she’s naughty, as well as ‘Mrs Pussycat’, ‘P.C.’ and ‘Peebles’. She’ll turn 6 this next March, and she’s still holding onto her title of Queen of the Road.

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