How Did Shorty Get Her Name?

How did Shorty get her name?

It has remained a big topic of conversation, Shorty’s name, almost as much as what breed she is. People thought Kodi’s name was cute, but now that Sho’s grown into a fluffy-tailed, black-maned exotic beauty, viewers have asked why she wasn’t given a more regally appropriate name like Victoria or Cleopatra.

We tried several names for her at first, though none felt right. I’m not talking about a typical black cat name like Shadow or Smokey, but we tried earnestly to find something that fit with her sweet nature, playfulness, and cuddly attachment to us.

It was Bryan who started calling her Shorty, a term of endearment like sweetheart or honey heard often in music, especially hip hop, which we listen to a lot.

It seemed to suit her because not only was she a true sweet heart, she also had short little legs that prevented her from jumping up even to the couch, and an adorably large belly that seemed to throw off her balance which led to her clumsiness and something you might call breakdancing.

Nowadays, I still see that funny clumsy kitten behind those majestical green-hued eyes, and when she enviously watches Kodi jump effortlessly to the tops of the shelves, I still see her as my little Shorty.

Often she is also referred to as Sho, Sho-Sho, Sho-Sho-Beans, Shortround, and Shortcake, so whatever version thereof that viewers want to call her, regally-reflective or not, is fine with me.

Now let me ask you: what made you decide on your cat’s name? Was it reflective of their colour? Their personality? An homage? Or did it just seem right?

shorty tongue out black cat

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  1. Ares is so named because he has a goatee (a patch of black fur under the chin in an otherwise white face), and it is ironic because he is the sweetest cuddler ever. I suppose he might battle over rights to sniff your hair, but that’s it.
    Artemis was his littermate, plus just a great name for a cat.

    Furiosa is a tortie who just looks like the movie character. Also, we needed to continue the trend of ironically named cats– she’s a sweetie that purrs just looking at you. It’s fun going to the vet and having to explain that she isn’t going to bite anyone– they get nervous with a name like that.

  2. My fluffy black cat was a rescue, and the staff named him Sirius Black. As I felt this suited him perfectly (and as a Harry Potter fan too) I decided to keep the name and couldn’t dream about calling him something else!

  3. I think Shorty is a cute name, even if it isn’t reflective of her looks. That it fits her personality is much better anyway. I did not pick the names of any of my current cats, they came with them. But my heart kitty, my sweet boy; his name is part of what drew me to him. His name is Leo the Chinese Lion, and it fits him perfectly. His sisters names fit them well, though are not what I would have chosen. Glitter shines and Cashmere has very soft fur.

    1. Agreed! Shorty is a great, playful name ๐Ÿ™‚

      If you ever want to lengthen it, it is entirely possible. For Example:
      Shorty Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Highness of Royal Tail Yowsa.

      … ok, maybe that was a bad example. Go see the Moo clan for some good nicknames ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I called by boy Benson but nicknamed him Benny. This came from my love of a TV show at the time called Due South the main character was called Benton and his friend called him Benny so Benton became Benson AKA Benny. He is a beautiful Russian Blue cat who’s pedigree name is Simono (given by the breeder) but the name Benny really suits is personality!! xx

    1. True story, I was an extra on Due South for 1 episode. There was a dance club or something, and Paul Gross was coming down the stairs. I accidentally tripped him. He was ok. We had to do a retake and I was moved to a different location. LOL!

  5. I adore your videos of Shorty and Kodi, but my 2 cats are also never boring! Scusy BB: she has 1 red leg and 1 grey, mirror pictured at that! Italian for ‘excuse me’! Her ‘blond’ reminded me of Brigitte Bardot, so Scusy BB it was. ‘U’ is also a good calling sound. She joined my beloved Coco (black!!sleek!!so pretty and he walked with me everywhere, like a dog) so BB and Coco seemed a good match. Coco: looked sleek and black,like Coco Chanel herself (only later I realised he was a he… never mind)
    Next is Pushkin, very much a girl, but never mind….for some reason I called her pussykins, she came to me as a feral,and Pushkin stuck! Not quite as elegant as Scusy (my gorgeous ballet dancer who can jump so high and is soooo graceful) but super fun in her relative clumsiness…..and black, gorgeous black!
    All three suggested their own name , it seems, observe them and it will pop into your mind?!

  6. Daisy got her name because she looked just like the first daisy popping out of the snow in spring. She was such a sweet kitty. Jack reminded me even as a kitten as the movie Jack where even when he looked like an adult he was just a little kid at heart and he has fully lived up to his name. He loves to play and go crazy over his toys and he even plays fetch and falls for the fakeo it.

  7. My cat’s name is Chubby Lumpkins…He looks very much like Kodi but has a black “soul patch” making him a real butthole sometimes. AND, he LOVES to watch “The neediest cat in the world”. He comes running when he hears the music. Adorbs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. My previous cat Loki was so named because he was such a mischievous scamp. He also chose me as his human and liked to pin down one of my arms or lay on top of me in some way that prevented me from moving. Currently I have Tiger, so named because he looked like a little white tiger as a kitten, and he is sweet docile and very laid back. Newest kitty is Sylvester the Hacker Devil-Kitty/Diablo/LittleS#*!. He attacks anything that moves follows me everywhere but isn’t all that crazy about being petted. Still, I *THINK* he has chosen me too. Although he loves to attack my mates feet whenever he walks around. He’s a tool. But he’s OUR tool.

  9. Ming’s name came about due to mistaken identity. He was less than 6 weeks when we received him (he was a rescue — someone dumped a mother cat with newborn kittens on a friend’s mother’s doorstep. We thought it was a female so her original name was Minka. Well, when we realized he actually had trouble nuggets, we scheduled a neuter rather than a spay and changed the name to Ming. It fits him well. He’s pretty but none too bright, so the nickname Ming-a-Ling is pretty spot on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I wanted a black cat named Magick, so I picked up a box of black kittens and leaned my face in and asked “Who is Magick?” and one feisty little one with a white locket jumped up and smacked me in the face…my Magick! He is 18 and blind now, but still my Magick. Then I wanted a sister for him who was gray and named Mystick, and we happened to find a gray female kitten who had 10 minutes to go in the “death cage” at the shelter! We called and said PLEASE WAIT for us to get there! Myssi is 14 now. Then a little white kitten with one blue eye and one green eye came to stay–Merlin. My beloved Merly passed at 14 years old June 11. :”( A few years later another stray–a black bombay with huge yellow eyes, Medea, who is now 10. That is how we became The House of “M”. Since then we have added Grimm (two Ms) -age 3 and Sunny-MacKenzie -age 2 (named for Grimmy’s brother/litter-mate MacKenzie who died young.) I don’t know how many more kitties I will have in my life, the originals are all getting older now, but I am pretty sure they will probably have names that start with an M.

  11. My black cat was as rescue and when I got him he was really, really small. I asked my daughter to come over and see him and she took on look and said, “that’s not a cat, it’s a ball of lint.” So he became Lint.

  12. My Daisy is a tiny tortie tornado feral that I rescued. She got her name because while she was still outside, she kept digging up my gerber daisy to do her business.

  13. We have a cat that looks a lot like Shosho.. he came to us one fateful day. We were living at an apartment, and had the windows open. We started hearing the loudest meows; they were some loud demanding meows. So we decided to go investigate. Turned out that those loud meows came from a black tiny fuzzy little kitty. He was starving! So our neighbors downstairs gave him some ham and were intending to keep the adorable thing. They already named him Jezebel! (Not knowing it was a boy). Unfortunately my neighbor started to get allergic reactions from the kitten, so they couldn’t keep him. My hubby was already in love with the kitty, so he said we’ll take him!

    We spent some time with him before we decided to rename him (knowing it was a boy!). He was just a bundle of energy and was zipping around all over our apartment. He was the sweetest too and liked to climb up people and would sleep on my shoulder. But at the same time, he was the funniest little fuzzy goofball. So I said, let’s name his Mo.( Middle name Ron?) And i don’t think there could be a better name to fit his personality. (I promise we really do love him!) Although occasionally, he is also Mo-bird, turkey nugget, Momopie, Momo, Squirrel (fuzzy tail).. you know how it goes!

    7 years later, he is still a happy healthy boy, he ADORES his Pops (and Mama) and he runs the house. He also loves his little brother a gray cat we named Dude. And they love picking on each other and playing with each other. Just like two regular boys! I love our little family ?

  14. Most of the kitties I’ve had over the years had “people” names, however … Fudge just looked like a Fudge. Thomas A Cattus was supposed to be ironic but his nickname was Tommy Dammit (Siamese who loved to bite). Stanley & Oliver were twin tuxedo kitties. Joel & Ethan were orange brothers named in honor of the Coen brothers. Arnold Swartzenkitty came from the pound already named Arnold since he was an enormous fluffy orange Maine Coon. Orphan Annie was rescued from a mail box (white with blue eyes). Others included Simon, Sasha, Georgiana, Gracie Lou, Princess Jezebel, Sugar Cat, Butch, Charlotte, Twerp, Kitty Sue, Baby Kitten, Hitler, Smoky, Boots One and Boots Two. Some came with their name or we added to their name, some were named by a child. By the way our Sasha looks just like Shorty. Sasha has an identical half sister in a different state whose name is … wait for it … Fluffy.

  15. I had a cat very dear to me. Its name was Peugeot, because we saved it, when it was a very little kitten, from a Peugeot car. After, when it grew it used to eun faster than the car. Its name had to be Jaguar o Ferrari

  16. My late male cat was named Blaze because he had a white blaze down the middle of his face and a rather intense personality. He was a stray who adopted me – he made it clear from the jump that he was going to be an indoor kitty, so eventually, I caved. ;o)
    Samantha was a beautiful Tonkinese who belonged to a young married couple who didn’t want cats around their newborn, so I took her in. She was very quiet and didn’t like being held. Definitely not a lap cat! She would sleep on the other side of the bed and Blaze would sleep at the foot, on Samantha’s side. After she died, he still slept at the foot of the bed, but as he got older, he would often sleep against my feet. I miss those two so much. I currently can’t afford a cat, but that should change in the next year.

  17. The origin of Spot and Star’s name goes back over 20 years now. I got two kittens to keep my Mother company as she was becoming housebound by illness. She was in the hospital when I brought the kittens home. The first night the orange and white kitten was sitting in the hallway and the light was shining on a beautiful white marking on her head that shone like a star….star…that’s a good name! Her brother was a black and white kitten that looked liked Kodi. I called him the “black and white kitten” that first night because I couldn’t come up with a name for him. We went to bed that night and I was awakened to the sound of a lost kitten crying. I of course freaked out. I was imagining all sorts of horrible things and I’m calling and calling, “Listen to my voice, follow my voice, where are you…………….Spot?” The name just came out of my mouth. With that I found him lost behind the toilet, he always had a terrible sense of direction, and that’s how the names got started. After the original Star crossed the bridge at age 17, (Spot crossed at age 16) I waited a few months before looking for another set of kittens. I got an email from a friend telling me how another of our friends Mother in law ended up rescuing a Mom cat and 5 kittens, did I want any of the kittens? There were two calico sisters in the litter, my friends children had already named the kittens before I ever saw them. They named one of the calico kittens……………….Spot! They never knew of my Spot so I found that very special since I had chosen the two calicos to bring home. Well since one kitten was Spot, I couldn’t imagine calling the other kitten anything else but Star. They are also known collectively as the Fuzz. I love your Shorty and Kodi, they are so much fun to watch. Thank you for letting us share in their antics.

  18. Over the years I have had many cats and pretty much they name themselves. First kitties picked their names. Strips of papers with names written on them were crumpled and placed in a can. These were then scattered on the floor for the kittens to play with. The little boy came back with Isolde. The little girl came back with Tristan. So they named each other. Puma also told me his name. he was trapped on the roof and when I went to get him I copied the sound he was making which was PauoooMa. Kinji mainly because I had a hard time saying the forsters name for him which was Kindle. He is a very gold shade of brown tabby. Mainly they named themselves. The Lady Louise Lusitania aka Lulu or MamaLu was adopted with the name Louise. Robert E LeeRoy aka my little Rockstar or Robber. Back Seat Bettie = Feral Mom of Moira Pattercat/Patrick and Kathleen. the kittens were born March 7 and on the 17 of that month the boy developed a clover on his nose to match his mothers pearl. Oktavia little proud feral kitten that was the only survivor of a drive by toss at work. My little M’Agnes was brought in by a customer at bare hours old. She was found by his terriers.
    Of those mentioned I only have Kinji and Moira.
    Currently I have another tossed mom Madelyn and two of her kittens Olwen and Damson and another kitten was handed to me her name is Aisha. I have videos of some on YouTube. My favorite video of M’Agnes.

  19. Many years ago we had a little white cat, who we thought might be deaf. You would call her or throw a toy and she never reacted. I think at the time my aunt named her snowball or something like that. One day we were watching TV, and a commercial came on with a bunch of kids eating mini-ravioli. If you’re old enough you might remember it – the kids are singing mini mini mini ravioli oli oli oli…. Anyway, the little cat came running out of nowhere and stood watching the TV. So we discovered she wasn’t deaf! And we changed her name to Minnie.

  20. I already had a polydactyl names Cyrus – I called him that because, it was just right for him. I had two cats and took on an abandoned mom cat and her seven newborns as my first “foster” experience. I failed. We ended up keeping two kittens and my husband named them “Ricky” and “Jules”. Though I hadn’t named my poly for the character Cyrus in the Trailer Park Boys, that’s what my husband had always thought of when he used his named, so he thought it fitting to use more TP names. (When I pointed out to him that “Julian” was a girl, he changed it to Jules). She IS a princess, so quite rightly the vet mispelled it as “Jewels”.

  21. My Missie came prenamed. The people who had given her to my grandmother called her Missy; I think because she was a girl. When Grandma got her, the name stayed in part because that was already her name. Grandma altered the spelling to Missie because Missy didn’t look like Missie to her. Missie is also Missie Kittie, Missie Blue Eyes, lil sh:t, Mousse Kittie, Madame Missie de Mousse de Kittie, along with a few others. Missie is a Siamese with seal or chocolate points(depending on who is asked) with gorgeous blue eyes.

  22. My two cats are Kali and Storm.
    Kali is so named – via my husband – as the Hindu Goddess of Chaos and Destruction. …because I refused to let him call her Scratch fury destroyer of world’s. …..
    Storm is so named not only because that is very much his personality (I’m Calm! – I’m Crazy!) But because we finally were able to catch him from under my house in the worse storm to hit Airdrie that year.

  23. My lovely Lucy is actually named Lucy Furr. She earned the name as a kitten. I swore she was possessed! She got into so much mischief! She has sort of settled down since then, but still reminds me why I have her her FULL name!

    Her latest form of torturing me is to meow at my for till I get up to let her on my room, them fading away as soon as said for opens. This is done, of course, after I am sleeping soundly at 3 am…

  24. I had two cats, both of them resemble Shorty and Kodi soo much, which is one of the reason I love to follow the ShoKo Show ๐Ÿ™‚ I named them Tama (black fluffy one) and Mochi (b&w shorthair) and they were brother and sister. I didn’t wanted any stereotypical names and took me ages to decide on names and only really decided on it after they moved in. Tama means many things: in Japanese it can mean ‘jewel’, in native american it can apperently mean ‘thunder’ or ‘ beautiful’ or ‘fox’. Meeting him for the first time, it is impossible not to notice what a beautiful cat he is – with a face like a fox’s. So it was decided.
    As for Mochi… I wanted to go for Chaya first. However, my native friend told me that in Rhaeto-Romanic (one of the old native languages of Switzerland) that means ‘shit’ (imperative form). So, no way I’m gonna call her that. I ended up calling her Mochi, like the japanese sticky rice dish, simply because I love them. And it turned out to be her perfect name. She’s the ‘gooey’ and sticky and clinging and cuddly one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Daisy was named for me by the local kids who found her as a lost kitten wandering in the road, whose parents wouldn’t let them keep her. She was never claimed so she remains with me. Thomas had his name created in a bit of a hurry as I thought he was a girl when I took him to the vet as a stray cat: he was to have been named Dinah after the cat in Alice in Wonderland (although later I recalled that there were two). This was because I associated Daisy with that book because of how surreal my life became when she entered it and the whole nonsensical adventure that the book is suddenly made perfect sense because of the involvement of cats in the story. How could it be otherwise?

  26. My girls or girleez; BB (Black Betty) came with her name I called her BB for short. And yes it is after the old song lol.
    Belle – because she is prissy and the girliest cat I’ve ever seen.
    Sadie Woo – ah, my fav ( don’t tell the others) she just fit the name. It just came out of nowhere, she seemed to love it instantly, so The Woozer, got dubbed with a name that she picked!
    I’ve been watching your kitties since the video ” the cutest kitten in the world” or something like that. Ago Show was tiny and so adorable. I was hooked!

  27. My current three were rescues. The orange boy was captured first & likeed playing with the ball in the turbo scratcher so he’s a footy player, ergo Hotspur (full name Tottenham Hotspur). His mother came next. She is a medium long haired tabby with a orange spot on her back. She went through a lot in the first few weeks (the proverbial free cat that cost my several thousand in vet bills the first few months) but did not complain so I named her Nodoka. Her littermate was the last to be captured, and has long silky black hair and yellow eyes (like Shorty). I named her Shiruku but I often call her Squeaktoy because she squeaks when she wants attention, and even more when you pet her.

  28. Our grey cat is named Gandalf (fairly self-explanatory). We got an English Bull Terrier pup a few years later – his name is Gimli (short, strong, funny). Then we adopted a pitbull rescue, who was already named Grace.

    My previous cats:
    *short-haired, mostly black with white paws, chest and small patch on chin – Felix (after cartoon character of same name)
    *long-haired, black & white, got her in Inuvik, NT at the beginning of January (when the sun returned), was named Aurora (after the Roman goddess of the dawn) – got shortened to Rory a lot.

  29. My cats are Si sounds like sigh and Ming they are Siamese, I got them for Christmas from my sister and she named them. I wanted to rename them but Si actually sighs when he is happily snuggled up with me and Ming when she doesn’t get her way she throw a tantrum, like Ming the terrible lol so the names fit

  30. I have this kitten that was orphaned by his mom. When he was found he was very sick and very malnourished. He was around 2weeks old then. He’s almost 3 months old now but you wouldn’t be able to tell by his size. He is the size of a 6 week old kitten. He would eat enormous amounts but never gain weight or get any bigger. I was taking him to the Vet office weekly for eye infections and a virus that he just couldn’t kick. Being on medicine for so long stunted his growth. I initially named him Toby he’s an orange tabby with white legs and belly. Some where along the way I dont know where I changed his name to Toady. Last week he started finally acting like a kitten. He’s finally playing. It’s about time.

  31. Swiffer came prenamed Penny, which was the name of my brother’s cat. I had 2 other cats with “L” names, so was contemplating a 3rd. In the meantime, this ball of fluff kept crawling into tight spots and coming out covered in cobwebs. In exasperation, I said I might have to name her Mama’s L’il Dustmop. My niece piped up, “Call her Swiffer!” It’s still a good name, as she’s fond of “swiffering” up (stealing) shiny things and the odd sock and stashing them under the bed.

  32. My thirteen year old cat Tiny Tim was a very sickly kitten when I got him. His markings looked a lot like those of my cat Timmy (who was very elderly at the time and has since passed away). I got Tiny Tim in late November. So with it being Christmas time and him looking so much like Timmy he ended up being named after the Charles Dickens character, though I just call him Tiny.

    My three year old is named Jasper because it’s my favorite boy’s name. I don’t want children so I decided to give that name to my fluffy feline “son.”

    I’ve had many cats over my lifetime. Probably the one with the most unique name was Dunlop – though I can’t take credit for it. He came with that name. I adopted him from a local vet clinic when I was a teenager. He’d been a stray that got hit by a car and the vet patched him up and put him up for adoption. The clinic staff named him Dunlop after the tire company and I kept it.

  33. Shorty’s such a gorgeous girl. I love her and Kodi ๐Ÿ™‚
    My Cilla came to as when she was 3 so she already had a name and I didn’t want to change it.
    Noki is a black boy and after trying several names it just suited him the best. Noki means soot in english ๐Ÿ˜€
    Kuje is our baby. She’s red (ginger) and got the name ’cause she was always the first of her litter to do things and getting in trouble. Kuje means frolic, caper, prank, practical joke in english ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Fella adopted us when his previous humans moved away without him. He had been called Bella because they thought he was a pretty girl so we wanted to call him something more masculine and Fella seemed to fit the bill because it sounded like the name he’d previously been given. Sabre (sadly now waiting at Rainbow Bridge) got his name because of his tabby stripes, I named him after the sabre tooth tiger.

  35. My old girl’s called Thudd. Like Shprty it’s a case of short legs and big tummy. She was living out in our street with two younger cats (her kittens? ). However, they both got unwell, but I caught them and took them to the vet. They were treated and rehomed, as a pair. That left Thudders alone. Well to cut a long story short, she moved in to make up the trio of cats I called “The Crew”. The first night, she was exploring, all we heard was a thudd, followed by a plaintive “Meow”. This happened several times before dawn as she fell off one piece of furniture after another
    The saying became, “Here comes Thudd.” . And although I tried several other names, only Thudd works. So, ten years later, Thudd she is.

  36. A friend of mine had a new kitten and was calling him “Precious” but I was just sitting there visiting and eating guacamole flavored Pringles and he was going crazy begging for them-so i gave him one and he ran off with it and growled and acted like he was in the jungle and had just brought down a wildebeast all on his own… “Pringles” got a new name! Pringles is a senior kitty now but he still loves guac-flavored Pringles.

  37. I had a Seal Point Siamese; I named him Kahlua. My mother got a Tortie-Point Siamese from someone who had named her “Spice”, but neither of us liked that name. Mom asked me what she could call her and I said “How about Bailey?”. Then she got a Seal Point Himalayan and again asked my advice…my answer? Amaretto. Unfortunately, Kahlua died; and so did my mother; but I have the two remaining “Liquor Cats”.

    1. Liquor cats are always good cats. My elder sister moved away last year, and within months of settling in, she got two cats of her own – a black and white brother and sister pair she named ‘Gin’ (white with black patches) and ‘Tonic’ (a tux) respectively. I’ve already told her that if she gets a third, she can always call it ‘Vodka’ or ‘Malibu’.

  38. Our sweet kitty is a Savannah cross. When we got her from the “big house”, her large ears, big nose, and long legs were her most noticeable features. We named her Babs. Now Babs is seven years old, and we still see new characteristics in her. A few years ago she started talking to us, and is quite the chatterbox. She is looking a little matronly now (Don’t tell her that!) and one of her favorite night time occupations is to dig paper out of the trash basket and leave a trail of it through the house. I think she is as fond of her humans as we are of her.

  39. Reading this, I just realized it’s been a very long time since I chose a name for my cats.

    Malakhi was the last one I chose a name for and that was sixteen years ago (he passed away earlier this year). It was a good name for a black cat, but he was never quite as regal as the name made it seem like he should be.

    Pashenko was named by a roommate – it was a compromise that she got to help name him if I got to get him. That was the most normal sounding name she offered. It seems to fit him. Bella was named by my brother. I think he’d secretly been watching the Twilight movies, but he’ll never admit that. Roc came with the name from the shelter and we never found anything better. It seems to fit him and he’s okay with that.

  40. Tika and twin brother Tucker had barely turned three when they rescued me Sept. 2013 at the Nevada Human Society (the largest no-kill shelter west of the Mississippi). Tika later became Tika Mika Black because sheโ€™s solid black longhaired (softest cashmere like fur ever) even her whiskers are black. Okay this part is not funny, but if sheโ€™s asleep, if itโ€™s dark, you may accidentally sit on her โ€“ Oops =^oo^= meooow! Tucker, het twin brother is a tuxedo a bit larger than her and the dominant one (or so he thinks, but NOT). He became Tucker Kerouac for the white splash running under face to belly and a small round black goatee under his chin. He smiles, he lies on his back, he out stretches his foofy paws if I ask him to high five, very interactive guy, but has sever separation anxiety. They were surrendered three times. No behaviorist was ever able to figure out exactly why but my suspicion is that he was neutered too late and one of their owners must have died and they were left alone with the body for a long period. Neither likes to cuddle, be held or is into being โ€œlap cats.โ€ Iโ€™m very patient with them. Iโ€™ve worked trimming one or two nails every few days then wait 12-14 days to do it all again. I brush them when they are sweeping past the table or shake the treat jar and give them playtime after a two-second brush or comb. They are bonded and at one time I almost had to re-home them because of finances but prayer and faith won them a stay and me. We are a true family and pray together. They have their own Facebook Tika N Tucker and stay connected to their specialist feline vet in Reno Nevada. I can say my life is blessed and truly enriched by them coming to my rescue.

  41. We adopted a kitten from a friend of ours. Originally she was named Mouse, probably due to her shy nature. But after a few weeks in our care she blossomed and became a vibrant and ecstatic little thing. Ended up renaming her Skittles. Which we felt reflected her true self.

  42. I named my cat Jasper (Jazzy for short) cause I was a huge fan of The Twilight Saga back then when I got him. Even now Jasper remains one of my fav characters (maybe cause of the complicated backstory he got). So, in the beginning it was really only because of that. But then, my little monster became… well, my little monster lol He bites like crazy, attacks feet, hands, arms and everything else in sight that moves. He’s never satisfied until he smells blood. So I guess Jasper the cat resembles VERY much Jasper the vicious vampire. But it doesn’t matter – we still love the little hellion to death ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. I don’t have a fur baby of my own yet, but I want to adopt a black kitty and name it Morticia or Pearl if I get a girl and Mr. Mistoffelees after my favorite character from the musical Cats if I get a boy ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. When I hear/see Shortyยดs name, I always think about this song:
    “Shorty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her, she hit the floor, next thing you know, Shorty got low low low low low low low low.” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shorty and Kodi are adorable!

    My cat is named Ribizli (Hungarian word for the fruit currant.)
    He is 12 years old now, when I got him for my birthday, I was 13. We really couldnยดt find him a name that felt right with his personality. After a week or so, my mother and me were making currant marmalade. We washed them and shook off the water gently. As we shook the currant, the kitty jumped and played around us, it is maybe hard to imagine or believe, but the cat and the currant were making the same exact motion, so we came up with the idea that he should be called Ribizli. He listened to his name immediately.
    Everybody finds it unique, some of our friends named their cats after ours.

  45. I have two rescue kitties. My girl is a beautiful all black cat and my boy is a black tuxedo. I had trouble picking a name for each of them and my son said to wait and they would tell me their name. He was right. My girl was a lover from the get-go and I had no choice but to name her Sweetie. My boy was very young when I found him in my car engine. He started to complain and complain and made a sound like “woo” over and over and over. So the name Mr Wooo it has been.

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