How to Calm Down A Crazy Cat

The first time we saw Shorty, she was asleep in her cage at the Toronto Humane Society. Little did we know how crazy of a cat she was going to be!

She had this breakdancing move that was hilarious. She loved laying on her back when she played, but since her belly was rather big and her legs rather short, she always had trouble rolling over. This resulted in a weird side to side dance until she got enough momentum to get on her feet. The whole process resulted in one hyper and overstimulated kitty which sometimes led to her biting which we wanted to discourage.

You’ll see this kind of play escalate in the video until Bryan calls it quits. Problem is, Sho didn’t want to! That’s when Bryan pulled out his Jedi-Vulcan-Cat-Whisperer manoeuvre and, when Sho seemed vulnerable, rubbed gentle circles on her head and ran his thumb upwards along the bridge of her nose and forehead. She was asleep in seconds. (I especially love her little dream shake near the end. Aw she’s chasing a squirrel!)

While not a magical technique, this kind of petting mimics how a mother cat would groom her kitten’s face which would be very relaxing and comforting for the kitten. However, it could also be that Sho was just tuckered out from the play session and ready to sleep anyway! Either way, it made for a funny video that, even with almost 3 million views, never actually went viral, but rather slowly and consistently built an audience who have reported rather mixed results with their attempts at calming their crazy kittehs. Perhaps I should’ve included a disclaimer that applying this technique at the wrong time to a hyper cat could result in your arm being used as a scratching post??

Oh, and for those of you who may not know, kitteh is LOLCAT-speak for kitten. The site, Cheezburger, popularized this kind of baby talk for cats who would probably speak and spell in adorably faulty ways. I don’t use these terms often but this circumstance seemed appropriate.

4 thoughts on “How to Calm Down A Crazy Cat

  1. I always look forward to your posts. Those two cats are so silly.

    I wonder, do they ever try to sneak out of your place whenever you come in or leave? Mine does, and I feel he gets worse every year!

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