How to Exercise with Your Cats

In addition to cat videos, I also post yoga and fitness videos on YouTube of which Shorty and Kodi are inevitably the stars, getting in the way, interfering with the exercises and just being adorable nuisances.

Since they seemed to want to be part of the action, why not let them be the action? And so was born the feline fitness craze that may have inspired many around the world to start bench pressing their cat, which undoubtedly ended with a hiss and some very annoyed felines.

I actually wasn’t even going to upload this video. I sat on the footage for a year before coming across it again and deciding to post it. Would some see it as animal abuse, the way I handled ShoKo? Would people think I was trying to put them in a stressful situation just to get some views? The reality is I pick them up and handle them all the time. I’m even one of those who will lift up their cat to sniff the little mark on the wall they’d been staring at for ages, convinced it was a bug, only to discover it’s nothing but a little nail hole. In the end I figured it was too cute not to post. The popularity even inspired the book, How To Exercise Your Human!

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