How to Remove Cat Urine Smell, FINALLY!

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If you’ve got cats, chances are your house might smell a bit like cat urine because there was a time – or times – that they didn’t use the litter box.

It’s not your fault. It’s not even your cat’s fault. Ok, it’s mostly your cat’s fault. But accepting some of the blame for the cat urine on the carpet is just part of the wonderful world of cat guardianship. Like accepting that cat hair will sprout endlessly from your clothes – even on vacation! – or knowing that if you want to gently pet their exposed belly, there will be blood. We endure a lot from our beloved felines, but, really, would we have it any other way? Don’t answer that.

Why do cats pee outside the litter box?

Back to our favourite topic: cat pee. So much pee. Too much pee. They don’t even seem to drink that much, but the clumps I clean from the litter box suggest otherwise. And when you mix this penchant for peeing with a territorial instinct or anxiety about a change in their environment, you’ve probably got cat urine somewhere in your house. And that stinks!

There are many reasons why a cat might have peed outside the litter box, chief among these which you have to rule out is a medical issue. If your cat suddenly begins to avoid the litter box, get thee and them to the vet right away. It could be a urinary problem or it could be an infection completely unrelated to urinary issues which has caused a change in their behaviour.

But in many cases, as in mine, the problem isn’t medical but mental. No, not MY mental problem, Kodi’s! Ok, it’s actually our problem because, like I said, it’s not his fault, and it can’t even be defined as a “problem.” I was the one who left him for a vacation and changed our routine. A couple of times, a few minutes after returning home after a week away, Kodi has peed on the living room carpet. The cats have a great sitter who looks after them while we’re away, so they’re not alone for long stretches of time. However, through their primitive and rather unfortunate (for us) way of expressing anxiety through their urine, cats can tell you that some change in their environment has made them generally unhappy and it’s our job to figure out what that is and fix it.

Thankfully, by putting a litter box exactly where Kodi peed while I’m away, added with lots and lots of snuggling time immediately when I get home, the problem was solved and he hasn’t peed on the carpet in years. BUT, whenever I’m in the living room, I occasionally get a whiff of Eau de Kodi and bust out my ultraviolet flashlight and get down on all fours like Jackson Galaxy and put my nose up to the carpet to see if it’s a fresh mess or the old vacation-anxiety echo pee. Thankfully, it’s the echo pee. (If you don’t have a UV or black light flashlight, I highly recommend one to make sure you know exactly where the urine is. I use the one below from Amazon.)

Out, damned pee! Out, I say!

I tried everything to remove the smell of cat urine. A few store-bought, pet-safe products I tried seemed promising. But one left a weird smell, another was an expensive spray that I had to use the whole bottle of to penetrate the carpet fibres, and another had “stress-reducing pheromones” added. I’ll tell you one thing, it didn’t reduce my stress at all when I continued to smell pee while eating dinner in front of the tv! Our kitties are packing some powerful stuff!

The best remedy I had thus far found was a hydrogen peroxide/dish soap/vinegar/baking soda recipe. It was time consuming, and it wasn’t perfect, and for a few days the house smells like an unholy mixture of vinegar and urine which is even worse than just the cat urine!

Removing the cat urine smell, FINALLY!

Then, one day, the cat urine clouds parted and I received in the mail something that has completely removed the smell from my home. It’s called OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator, a company whose motto is, “Clean has no odor.” Instead of harmful chemicals, it’s a blend of earth minerals designed to neutralize the smell of urine without replacing it with perfumes or masking agents. And that’s a good thing because while we want to remove the cat urine smell, we don’t want to add any other smells back into the carpet because that can actually inspire a cat to pee there if there’s a foreign smell that they don’t like. Remember, their anxiety can spike in reaction to even small changes in the home.

odorklenz cat urine pet urine odor eliminator

So I tried it with my recent purchase of a Hoover carpet cleaner (makes cleaning small messes much easier!) and I can honestly say it has removed the cat urine smell completely! Like, even Mr. Galaxy could put his nose up to the carpet and not smell a thing. Ok, maybe he could but he’s like a bomb-sniffing dog who could probably spot a cat owner at a hundred yards blindfolded.

Even better, the carpet has no smell at all! And this is great news for people like me who try to use environmentally-friendly products without added perfumes. “Clean” doesn’t actually smell like a room washed with lemon or bleach or chemical cleaners, even though we grew up around parents who would walk into such a room and say, “Oh, it smells so clean!” Our eyes watered from the chemical fumes, but, hey, it was clean!

At first, OdorKlenz asked if I could try it and, if I like it, to simply write a short post about it. But I liked it so much that I asked if they wanted to sponsor a complete demonstration video and they did! So now you can see the entire process (minus the initial peeing part!) in the video below.

How to use OdorKlenz to remove pet urine smells

OdorKlenz is a mineral solution that can be used with either a vacuum or wet extractor. It:
• Eliminates urine odors
• Non-bleaching or staining
• Does not contain any masking-agents or fragrances
• Safe for use around children and pets

It’s important to follow the directions exactly to ensure the product works as it is supposed to. Here are the directions:

1. Soak up excess urine and any loose debris from the area to be treated with towels or paper towels.

2. Lightly dampen the area to be treated with clean, warm (but not hot) water.

3. Using your vacuum or carpet extractor’s wet extraction capabilities, clean the area 2-3 times to remove as much source urine as possible, leaving the area slightly damp.

4. Shake OdorKlenz for 1 minute and apply directly to the treatment area to fully contact the source urine.

5. Spread the OdorKlenz into the area working it deeply into the carpet or covering surface completely. Use a comb or your fingers to work OdorKlenz into the fibers of the carpet or rug.

6. Apply pressure with a towel to the area by standing/walking/pushing on the treatment area.

7. Allow the OdorKlenz formulation to remain on the area for 15 minutes.

8. Dampen the area again with clean water and wet extract or soak up the excess.

9. Repeat 2-3 times, use additional clean water and agitate between extractions.

10. Vacuum once dry.

Make sure you wait until the carpet is completely dry before gauging success. At first I thought it had left a big dark stain on the carpet, but it just needed another day to fully dry and then it was fine. (But always test on an inconspicuous area first so you know it’s safe.) And usually after I’ve used my home remedy solution, the cats still sniff around the area a lot over the next few days, but this time, they paid absolutely no attention. There were no new, foreign, or old smells to smell. Success!

odorklenz cat urine pet urine smell eliminator

Save on OdorKlenz!

You can order OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator and save 20% using the coupon code, shoko20.

Other Uses for OdorKlenz

• OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator can be diluted and sprayed on subfloors where severely urine damaged carpet and padding has been removed.
• OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator can be used in the wash with pet blankets and bedding. Use ½ cup per medium or large load with fragrance free detergent.
• OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator can be diluted and sprayed onto urine contaminated concrete. In this particular application, the visible residue will be present, so only use in areas where that is not going to be a problem.
• OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator can be sprayed on to natural pet bedding and left to dry offering some preventative urine odor elimination.

While I’m so glad I found a solution, I really hope I won’t need it in the future. But, accidents happen, our cats become stressed, and we have to realize that we’re still sharing a space with nonhuman animals who only recently decided it was advantageous to live amongst us bipeds.

Have you used OdorKlenz? Let me know below!

This post is sponsored by OdorKlenz. 

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