BTS: How to Walk Your Human

How to walk your human

Before they even brought a tiny, scraggly looking Kodi out to meet me on adoption day, I was told he was “full of beans.” How to Walk Your Human definitely shows he put the purr in purrsonality. (Sorry, had to.)

The idea for this video came from Kodi’s penchant for playing dog-like tug of war and carrying things in his mouth. It occurred to me that when he grabbed the wand toy and did this it looked like I was being taken for a walk! With a bit of research into dog-training (thanks Cesar Milan!) and a Planet of the Cats-inspired universe, the video was born.

I only wish I knew more about how best to film your cats! Then I either would’ve waited until daytime to film or used more lighting. Once I had the idea for the video, it was shot in about 10 minutes in the evening and edited later that night. When I look back at it now, I still laugh, but I think, ugh the lighting could’ve been so much better.

No matter. The video quickly went viral and news outlets around the world were requesting permission to show it. I was so proud of my little Koko!

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