Is your cat Catastic?

Of course they are! All cats are Catastic!

Catastic is a fun new social media app where you can share your kitties “without worrying about anyone that tries to bring you down from your Cat highs.” It’s kind of like Instagram for cats, but this way you can proudly share all the pics and videos that you want of your cats and not wonder if you’ll upset all your friends and family with how much you really do adore your kitties! But of course, if they have cats, you’ll want them to join in on the fun too. And Shorty and Kodi are now featured users!

Download the app at

When Catastic approached me to sponsor a video, I jumped at the chance. I’ve spoken before on how social media can enhance your bond with your cats. It’s a great motivator to spend quality time with your cats to take pictures of play time, snuggle time, the many times they sprawl out on your keyboard (and knock my tea over, KODI!), but it’s also a good way to learn about cat care and behaviour from others. It’s just another tool to help cat guardians take better care of their kitties while having fun too.

The benefit of Catastic is that this app takes out all the apprehension one may have in sharing their pets and/or themselves online.

That’s one of the reasons I started a Facebook page for Shorty so many years ago, because I wanted people to know how crazy she was, but I worried that my friends on my own page would think I was even crazier! Plus, I know a lot of “dog-people” who can’t help but leave a comment against cats on my posts, so giving cats their own social media stream is a great worry-free option. And while some people avoid social media because they don’t want their lives on display, Catastic is just about the cats and you can remain completely anonymous (I didn’t even show my face in Shorty’s vids or pics for several years!).

So download the Catastic app, and you’ll automatically be asked to follow us (and we’ll follow you back!). It’s pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions about how to use it, let me know.

I could think of no better way of announcing our featured status than with Shorty’s iconic tongue sticking out. See you in the app, fellow Catastics!

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