You’d think I’d have learned this lesson by now: with two cats, you have to get two of everything so no one feels left out.

Now, some might think, Come on, they’re just cats, they don’t get jealous. Yeah, well, the only people who think that are people who have not cared for cats!

But if you combine one cat shelf with two cats, one of whom is very possessive while the other is territorial, you get a humorous back-and-forth rivalry at best or a disastrous catfight at worst. Thankfully, for me, it was the former.

From the time that we opened the box to the time we put up the shelf, Shorty was right there inspecting everything and taking over. Of course, that’s usually the case; when anything new gets brought into the house, she has to carefully investigate to determine its use and safety whereas Kodi can’t really be bothered. BUT if he sees that Sho is interested in something, then he immediately gets interested too. For example, Koko never paid any attention to shadows until he saw how enamoured Shorty was with them. Now he chases them all the time! You’ll see his interest gets piqued in the outro around 1:45 of this video:

And it is hilarious to first see how Sho is so possessive of the box, then how annoyed she is that Kodi is staring at her (her expression really says it all!), how delighted she is with the cat shelf, and to see Kodi’s jealousy manifest in him turning inside out to try and be as cute as possible to get Shorty to let him have a turn. Sho, of course, has none of it, and resides on her throne until the peasant Kodi has grown fed up and exited the scene. She caps it off with a wry, winning look at the camera as if to remind us this is HER domain, something I’m actually very happy about since I was worried their dynamics were shifting so much that Shorty stopped sticking up for herself (See 6 Steps To Help Your Cats Get Along).

However, due to some renovations and remodelling, the shelf has already been taken down. While we look for a new spot for it, let’s enjoy their antics when we first put it up. Shorty: 1; Kodi: 0; everyone else 😀

3 thoughts on “Jealousy!

  1. I can relate so much. My two cats are sisters, and they do have the love-hate relationship that anyone with siblings can relate to. I was worried about jealousy at first, so I was always making sure they had enough of everything, and I never had any problem. It’s just recently that I discovered the one thing they couldn’t agree how to share: me.
    I slowly became aware that whenever I was petting one of them and the other arrived, the first one would suddenly stand up and leave. I started to notice a pattern. There is no way they will lie side by side when I am with them. By themselves, taking a nap together, sure! But not with me.
    At night when we’re getting ready for bed, I try to pay attention to both of them, but it often ends up in growling and slaps until one of them runs away or they are so tired, they just fall asleep. Most of the time, I close my eyes to wake up in the middle of the night with only one of them at my side, and then wake up again hours later to notice the cat at my side is not the same as before.

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