Cat vs. Dog: Meet Chaz & Mikey!

Now that you’ve met Chaz, it’s time to meet his partner in crime, the other half of his dynamic duo, the Robin to his Batman. Everyone, heeere’s Mikey! Technically, Mikey wasn’t my dog, though I cared for him a great deal of his life while staying with his family, my ex’s family. They adopted him from the shelter as a pup, a mutt of perhaps shepherd, doberman, and dumbest-animal-on-earth pedigree. I’m not being mean, I loved that dog but he barely learned how to sit. You know how some animals look like their wheels are turning when you’re talking to them? Give Mikey a simple “come” command and you could almost hear the broken wheel fall off the axel while he stared at you blankly. But Mikey was awesome with Chaz. Just like introducing 2 cats to each other, we let them meet through a closed door and slowly opened it over the next couple of days. They played tag under the door and Chaz wasn’t fazed at all when Mikey barked out of frustration, and I think he even enjoyed teasing him. When they finally did meet, they became best pals chasing each other around the house, Chaz darting around the corner and waiting to give the dog a swift swat when he ran by, Mikey always falling for the gag like Charlie Brown running to kick the ball just as Lucy swipes it away. Chaz was definitely in charge. And the playfighting didn’t stop there. Occasionally, and rather frightening to me at the time, Mikey would casually wrap his powerful jaws around Chaz’s tiny neck. He wouldn’t press down or squeeze, something that Chaz seemed to understand. You’ll see in the pic below that Chaz remains completely calm while Mikey tries to enact some sort of domination, or perhaps instigate play the same way he would grasp my arm gently in his mouth when he wanted me to play with him. And when it was his turn in the game, Chaz would lunge aggressively at Mikey’s neck, claws out, teeth bared, and try to sink his fangs into him as he flipped him onto the floor. Feigning ferocity, Mikey would curl up his lips and give his most menacing growl which sounded kind of like a puppy gurgling. I often thought if Mikey were brighter he’d have been a tad more aggressive and put Chaz in his place with a heavy paw. But he couldn’t have been more gentle. I chalk it up to him being a kind and tender soul, and having been much more intelligent than I gave him credit for.


6 thoughts on “Cat vs. Dog: Meet Chaz & Mikey!

  1. (It’s Lucy, not Peppermint Patty…)

    *sigh* I’ve got 2 cats and 2 dogs, and no one plays with the other – but each one wants to play with me – takes 4 x the time and energy. Don’t get me wrong, I love them all dearly, but GOOD GRIEF LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A MINUTE!! lol

  2. Our dog Sasha passed away 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. She and Merlin (cat) used to play like there was no tomorrow. Merlin still has his big sister (cat) Jackie to play with, but he misses Sasha a lot. Before Merlin came to live with us we had another dog named Rufus; he was Jackie’s best friend. He passed away 3 years ago and like Merlin now Jackie would missed him very much. Both our dogs died of old age related issues we loved them very much and they left this world knowing just how much.

  3. You’re a good writer, Rob. The way you tell your stories brings back many fond memories. I identify with the way you feel. I think you are a sweetheart.

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