What’s the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring?

After the creaky old hardwood floor of our last apartment, I was excited to move into a concrete loft, though I wondered what the best pet-friendly flooring would be. My friend just got a very dark hardwood – the good stuff – and paid a small fortune, only to find out it’s actually the worst for showing scratch marks from her dog. In the daylight, her floor looks like a skating rink.

Although on top of that hardwood, we had an area carpet that Shorty loved. I’m not sure if it led to the weird sliding behaviour she exhibited as a kitten or if that was just normal kitten hood?

But carpet doesn’t make for very pet-friendly flooring; well, it actually might technically be but it certainly doesn’t look great after your cat has sprinted across it as many times as Shorty did. So I wondered what it would be like to live with concrete.

Many have asked if our floors are really concrete, and yes, they are! Some don’t understand this and opine that we can’t afford carpet or hardwood. On the contrary, many city-dwellers live in old factories that have been converted into residential units. This functional urban planning retains historical buildings and offers a unique floor plan — normally open-concept lofts — not offered in modern construction.

Our building is such a conversion and what you would call a “hard loft” as it is indeed an old factory — well, old for Canadian standards — with 14-foot ceilings and thick, concrete divisions between units, as opposed to a “soft loft” which is usually a new building that mimics conversion design. This is why we chose to move here so that I could have a grand piano without disturbing other residents — hard lofts are nearly sound-proof — and even hang gymnastic rings for working out!

And the cats love the cool concrete for laying out flat on their backs. Plus I never have to worry about scratch marks on a hardwood floor or the occasional hairball messing up the carpet. However, I would prefer hardwood floors which are much kinder to the feet — both human and feline — so either a renovation or a move is in the near future. If we do move, I’ll have to make sure we get a long hallway!

So let me know, what do you prefer? What works best for your cat? Do you have hardwood floors? Engineered hardwood? Carpet? Cork? Do your cats leave scratch marks on your floor? Let me know what type of flooring you think is best for cats. This will help me with my future decisions and also help out other readers who are wondering the same.

Here’s a simple vid of Bryan brushing Shorty where you can clearly see the concrete floor:


12 thoughts on “What’s the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring?

  1. Lol! I love this website Rob, and Ive asked about the concerte floor while watching your youtube videos lol. But I only asked cause I loved it, it is so unique and has its own beauty. I love your cats, esp shosho. i think a new video should be in the works :3

  2. It is good to see Shorty is no better behaved than my two boys while being brushed!

    I would love to have your concrete floors to solve the hairball problem. Mostly I would like for my boys to be able to play, spin toys around on hard floors and not get their claws caught in the carpet.

    Love your videos. I hope there will be more new ones in the future.

    1. Yes, it’s really great. I don’t play at night, just in case, but I’ve asked neighbors on all sides if they can hear anything and they don’t. I used to live in an apartment where I couldn’t even play my electronic keyboard because the simple act of hitting the keys transmitted through the wood floors and aggravated the people below. So now it’s all good!

      1. I wish I had neighbors in the past as considerate as you. My favorite (non) considerate neighbor use to sing show tunes on weekend mornings-very early mornings! You really can’t say you’ve experienced urban apartment living until you’ve been woken up at 6am to the sounds of “Oklahoma”! ? Namaste

  3. Hi guys
    I’ve noticed the concrete flooring and I LOVE it. It’s tough in Cali sinc the earth has a nasty habit of ohhhhhh…..MOVING without warning which always ends up with cracks. I think it gives the flooring some character not to mention much easier clean up of all sorts of accidents out of both ends of felines.
    I had carpet in my l first place that was so gross we ripped it up figuring anything was better. It wasn’t beautiful hardwoo.d but it was livable and I thought it would be great with the cats….Well, turns out while it’s easier to sweep/clean…we had to do it much more often due to the fur tumbleweed we would see everywhere. Even better was when we’d open a window in windy SF and it was a fur tornado!
    Everything has it’s pros and cons. I just saw someone say that kittys always prefer fluffy surfaces…Diego will only lay on smooth surfaces…including the bathtub! Mind you we now live in Las Vegas= the surface of the sun! I’d choose concrete again next time.
    I do love your kids! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Rob! I love Shoko! <3

    Here in Brazil I have vinyl floors and two cats (my black cat is a Shorty copy, even the pooping thing! Lol).
    It is easy to apply, clean and until now I can't see scratches at all compared to wood floor. I have it for almost 2 years. Take a look because I think it is very good. 🙂

  5. We have parquet floors in all rooms (except the bathroom, that’s vinyl, but the cats are only in there when we are). We have 3 cats, and have also had 4 fostercats here in the almost 5 years since we moved in. I will admit, I haven’t gone looking, but I have not noticed any damage from the cats on the floor. The parquet is so textured in itself, if there are any tiny clawmarks they are not noticeable. Our floor is oak I believe. It’s nice to walk on for human feet, it has the durability of concrete but the warmth and feel of wood. Ours have almost invisible seams and joints, I think a floor with more pronounced seams might show more wear from cats. Ours skid around like crazy, chase eachother and toys. They are indoor cats and we cut their claws, but they have no problems running around, even if I was worried the floor would be to smooth when their claws were cut, that they’d get no grip. But I really recommend it 🙂 A very cat friendly floor, and nice for us humans too.

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