Rescue Report: Road-Tripping Adventure Cat

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By: Rich & Willow

Sometimes you don’t know the bond you share with someone until you are placed in an extraordinary situation with them. Well that was the case with Willow and I. She was adopted from a rescue centre at age 2 by my ex girlfriend. We didn’t know it at the time but she was an adventure cat. The ex wasn’t in a position to keep her so I offered to look after her. Willow and I got along alright.

I had other plans, however. I had spent 10 years in a job I hated and was ready to get out. I sold my house, almost everything I owned, and bought a van which I converted into what could eloquently be described as a space capsule hotel on wheels. But there was one problem, a little black cat. I wasn’t one for sticking to convention so I made the obvious choice, she was coming with me!

So we packed up what little remained of our possessions and headed off on the adventure of a lifetime. I was now committed to living a life free from the mundane for not only myself but also for my cat. But how does a cat handle life on the road? Quite well I’d have you know. Willow likes to sleep while I drive, I presented her with the offer of reversing the arrangement but she declined. When we arrive at camp I let her explore if it is safe. But it is not enough for her to go alone, she will want me to explore with her! Now picture this, a man walking down a track to the river, a little cat, wide eyed with head held high follows closely behind him. They sit together by the bank watching the flow of the water.

Willow and I had become very close, inseparable. Over the next months we would explore the Murray River, beaches of the NSW North Coast, rainforests of the Great Dividing Range, and even spend 3 days on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef!

As I write this I hear something climbing the ladder at the back of my van. But it is a familiar sound, the sound of little explorer’s paws. Willow walks along the top of the van, slides down the windscreen at which point I know to open the sliding door. In she jumps, meowing expectantly, before curling up on my bed purring.

7 months have now passed since we left our hometown and we have no intention of stopping yet. So if you see a white van pull up in the evening there very well could be a little black rescue cat in there dreaming of what adventures tomorrow may bring!

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If you’d like to submit your story of rescuing a cat from the streets or shelter , click here.

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