Rescue Report: Two Kittens

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By Kate Hsieh

I was weaned sometime in August. After that my mom left me and my sister, and we started wandering around on the streets. One day I noticed that my sister always disappeared mysteriously around 11 pm, so curiously I followed her. And you know what? My curiosity paid off because she was quite happily eating a free meal offered by a strange old lady. I approached that old lady with caution and she gave me some food too. Since that day I started to show up at around 11 pm and she was always there to give me some free food.

One day towards the end of October, I was attacked by a dog. One of my hind legs was injured and I could barely move, so certainly I was not able to go to eat my free meal. For two days I could only indulge in an orgy of weed and dirt, judging by my watery poo at the vet’s. Then I gradually got better so I gathered up all my strength and approached my daily free meal. I showed up, approached the old lady but I was too weak to walk properly and stumbled like every two or three steps. The old lady picked me up, brought me somewhere upstairs, and locked me in a room. I was very scared but when she opened the door with food to check on me, I approached her because I remembered her, and mainly because I was hungry, of course.

The next day she brought me to the vet’s. The young vet told the old lady that my leg would be okay. No medication was needed because it would gradually heal itself. However, I was fixed and one of my ears clipped. They told me it was a program called TNR. I don’t know what crap TNR is, but I do know my belly and ear hurt like hell. The following day my sister joined me at the vet’s. We stayed there for a few days then the old lady got us out of the vet’s and took us somewhere upstairs again.

My sister and I were locked in a room. The old lady showed up twice a day to give us food and clean our litter box. She told us that she did not want to form an attachment with us because she just lost one of her beloved cats two days before she got me. She explained that her heart was still soaking in a kind of soup called sadness. She said there was a big hole in her heart and the last thing she wanted in her life was new kitties. I have never heard of that kind of soup, but I think it must taste pretty bad because the old lady’s face was all gloomy.

During our quarantine in that small room, one day the old lady told us that she decided to keep us because one of the street cats she fed had just disappeared all of a sudden. For three years, she said, that street cat showed up almost every day; no matter if it was a typhoon or stormy night, she was always there. But just like that, she disappeared completely. The old lady said there was a big hole in her heart again, so she decided to keep us because she could not bear to lose her street cats all of a sudden again. You know what? I think you human beings’ hearts are so fragile that they are broken so easily.

So now I’ve settled down in a small apartment with my sister and some other cat brother and sisters. I am very happy that I got myself a new mom. And do you know what our new mom feed us? Raw meat! Didn’t I tell you she was a strange old lady at the very beginning?

*If you’d like to submit your story of rescuing a cat from the streets or shelter to the Rescue Report, click here.

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