Selfies kill more people than sharks

And keep more black cats in shelters

What a world, what a world.

Turns out our camera phones are — literally, Archer — killing us faster than one of the world’s most feared monsters. According to media reports, it’s true. Jaws racked up 8 kills so far this year while Selfies managed 12. Serrated teeth ain’t got nothin on narcissism.

Individually, we are fairly smart, but collectively, humans are pretty dumb, subject to peer pressure and making poor decisions for social acceptance. We accept this notion when we hear of people rioting over lost sports games or of deaths linked to taking selfies in front of trains. We sigh, shake our heads at our unified lunacy, and wonder if we’ll ever learn.

And if it were just us that we risked for socially scrutinized selfies, I wouldn’t have a complaint. Sure, 12 deaths is a lot of unnecessary turmoil, but again, we’re just dumb humans. But when it comes to my kitties, I must purrtest!

From the massive amount of support for black cats, be it for Shorty, Cole from Cole and Marmalade fame, or the baby-soothing cat, I was ready to call a moratorium on Black Animal Syndrome, the circumstance of cats and dogs being less adoptable because they’re black. Superstition is dying out and many people, aware of the plight of black cats, have sought them out specifically for adoption.

But then along came those damn selfies.

I was always happy the Brits didn’t understand North America’s issue with shelters overflowing with black cats; they’re considered good luck in the UK. Yet it was reported last year that 70% of cats in the RSPCA’s care were black or black and white because they’re “harder to tell apart than cats with more distinctive markings and the fact that black animals tend not to photograph as well.”

It seems now everyone wants the unique cat, a Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub or Maru, that will stand out and get the most likes for their owners on Facebook. Some people seem to want to hear that they have an adorable pet and they want to be asked about their pet and they want to rhyme off their pet’s breed like a rare car’s make and model. Posting a picture of a black blob and saying you’ve got a black, domestic, long-hair — which was on Shorty’s paperwork at the shelter — just isn’t sexy on your Instafame account.

Now, to be fair, this doesn’t define everyone who has a purebred animal or who happens to not have a black cat, and I hope you’ll forgive the tongue-in-cheek jibes I assign to those who turn their noses up and cameras away from black cats. Really, all cats are beautiful and worthy of our attention and care.

But the reality is that shelters are overflowing with black animals charged with being unphotogenic and I won’t accept this!

That’s why I posted How to Take Great Pictures of Your Black Cat. See, I want you to take that information and run. It’s up to you, Guardians of the Black Cats, #GBC, to flood your feeds with such gorgeous photos of your little panthers that people can’t help but take notice of how striking these creatures really are and put to rest any notion that they could be less adoptable simply for their colour. You may just inspire someone to head to the shelter to save a cat’s life.

As for us humans, I suspect we’ll continue falling off cliffs, tumbling down stairs and posing with bears to get that perfect selfie until something else steals our attention. People are dumb, after all, but you are smart, and I’m going to be busy posting beautiful selfies of me with my domestic long-hair. What are you gonna do?

8 thoughts on “Selfies kill more people than sharks

  1. Shorty & Kodi :
    Thanks for a very informative article . We have noticed comments about the difficulty some hoomins seem to have despite modern cameras, but we’re shocked that we’re being passed over because of ” selfies ” . Go the Brits !
    Cats In Black™ is doing its best from Tasmania
    Purrs and headbonks to yourselves and your hoomin, Orion et al

  2. As a professional photographer I can assure you that black- and other dark mono-coloured animals give some of the most striking pictures.

    Anyone who claims black animals don’t photograph well is blaming their own incompetence on the randomness of DNA, something which the animals cannot control.

    Another thing that rubs me the wrong way is the herd mentality that most people display. Everyone waits for someone else to make something cool and trendy and only then do they get into that boat. Like tri-color cats for instance. Now, since Pudge came along, wow, everyone wants one.

    Thank you for the thoughtful article and for your hilarious outlook on cat snobs 🙂

    1. Well said my friend,very well said.I may not be the most professional photographer out there but my aunt is a talented photographer and she has taken many beautiful pictures with dark shading and colors.I really feel bad for the ones who actually use this excuse because they are just making their own reputations worse!

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