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Kodi would like to introduce you to his new pet, Anna! Anna is one of 24 baby turkeys left at Farm Sanctuary’s gates recently who desperately needed care. It’s believed she was rescued from a factory farm because she and the others had the tips of their beaks cut off which is a common yet painful practice done to reduce injuries to each other from fighting due to the stress of living in cramped conditions.

It’s important to recognize that we can’t feed our cats without having to kill animals to feed them, and feeding the 74-96 million cats owned in the United States alone adds to the billions of animals raised and killed in horrible conditions. The farm industry has done an insidiously good job of lobbying legislation in the form of “Ag-gag” laws which “typically refers to state laws that forbid the act of undercover filming or photography of activity” going so far as to prosecute those who expose animal cruelty as terrorists and placed on a “terrorist registry.”

The biggest lesson that can come from being an animal guardian is that all animals are worthy of our utmost respect and compassion for they are all individuals with souls and identities and personal interests. Pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows and every other domesticated animal deserves such better treatment than they are currently getting.

I personally haven’t eaten an animal in over 20 years, yet I understand the irony of supporting the meat industry just to feed my companion animals. Of course, if Shorty and Kodi had not been abandoned at a shelter and needed a home, I would not have adopted them. But there are many cats and dogs and other animals who do need homes. So what do we do to lessen the impact of our human footprint? How can it be ethically congruent to save one animal while killing countless others just so s/he can live a full life?

It’s a question I’ve battled with for years, and one that I battle with every day. What I do know is that we humans have allowed the cat and dog population to get out of control through high regard of breeding and not spaying/neutering. We must take accountability for our actions and recognize that our inactions have resulted in the mass suffering of billions of animals. The problem is complex and the world can’t be changed with saving one turkey named Anna, but it has absolutely changed Anna’s world and that is a good start.

If you would like to adopt an animal at Farm Sanctuary, go to Please #adoptdontshop, and have your pets spayed or neutered.

2 thoughts on “ShoKo Adopt a Pet!

  1. Rob, I so appreciate your kindness, and the quandary of being a vegetarian with cats. I have been vegetarian going on 30 years and still have difficulty reconciling this with my love of cats (and their love of me).

    The only resolution I have been able to arrive at is to just buy fish-based food, as my belief is that all of us animals have different levels of consciousness, and that fish are at the lowest level over plants. Not much of a solution, but rather a “least harm” approach.

    But you know, at least we care. And we try to live our values. What more can anyone do?

  2. I’m not a vegetarian Rob, though was Vegan for five years in my late teens (many years ago). I do however continue to accept that animals bred for slaughter are in general kept in dreadful conditions and that this is unethical. I avoid chicken and eggs unless they are free range and eat meat sparingly in any case; less for ethical reasons than for cost considerations. I arrived at a point where I accepted that I am selfish. I keep my 4 cats because it pleases me to do so and look after them to the best of my ability. I have killed 30 mice in traps which invaded my home before the cats came along but don’t know if it is within me to kill anything larger and actually, I still enjoy watching mice and rats in the wild. Obviously it makes it easier for people like me that dead animals get shrink wrapped and displayed on supermarket shelves. I’ve got to wonder how many of us would continue to eat meat if this were not the case. John Preston (Author of Rescue Report “Saving Martha”)

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