ShoKo Merchandise

All official ShoKo merchandise currently on sale can be found below, proceeds of which benefit Toronto Humane SocietyFarm Sanctuary, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The ShoKo 2017 Calendar

2017 cat calendar

How to Exercise Your Human: A cat’s purrsonal training guide to a healthy homosapien

how to exercise human book

Shorty & Kodi bring you their first gift book based on their viral video, How to Exercise With Your Cats! There is an “epurrdemic” of human laziness out there and if cats want to remain in the worry-free lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to, they have to intervene. With the help of their human, these two “Purrsonal Trainers” demonstrate how to keep people in shape so that cats never have to lift a paw.

The Kitty Yoga Sutras: The path to enlightenment in paw prints

kitty yoga sutras cat book

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a manual for yogic living that was published around two thousand years ago. The Kitty Yoga Sutras is today’s sandpaper-tongue-in-cheek manual for happiness and living in the moment inspired and interpreted through the ultimate yogis, cats!