The Neediest Cat In The World

Cats aren’t normally described as being needy.

Demanding? Sometimes. Aloof? Usually. Independent? Definitely. But needy?

Cats give the impression they wouldn’t so much care if you died as be annoyed by it.

Which is why people have really taken to Kodi whose nickname is, appropriately, Kodipendent. It’s because he’s The Neediest Cat in the World which is currently our 8th most viewed video with over 2 million views.

Followers know well of Kodi’s penchant for needing to be within 2 feet of me at any given moment but I’m not sure people really knew how bad (good?) he was until we made this video.

Often when I’m sitting down, he’ll sit near or on me and just sit and stare at me intensely as if I’ll begin petting him through his sheer force of will. If that’s unsuccessful his paw will nudge my chin, gently at first, claws retracted. But if I pay him no attention, I’ll feel one claw — just one mind you — graze my chin gently with just enough intent to ensure that I can’t ignore him any longer. It always works.

This behaviour comes as no surprise to cat guardians but, in addition to being adorable — risking saccharine even — I think the popularity of this video is driven equally by dog lovers who comment, “I normally hate cats but this one’s cool” as much as cat lovers showing this to their dog-loving friends and saying, “See, cats are cool!”

And isn’t that the drive behind the explosion of the Internet cat world: our expanding and collective understanding of the misunderstood and misjudged housecat who, as it turns out, can care just as much about us as we do about them.

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