Walking the Kitten: Toys That Work

I don’t buy many toys for the cats to play with. What’s the point? They always prefer the packaging or the box or a rolled-up paper ball. But occasionally one makes an impact.

Spring, 2012, Bryan and I went to Las Vegas. We were browsing one of the hundreds of souvenir shops lining the strip. They had these battery-powered toy cats and dogs that were chirping and barking and stumbling around a bin at the front. 12 bucks each.

“Should I get one for the cats?” I asked Bryan.

“Sure,” he said noncommittally, not looking up from the t-shirts. I was the cat guy. He was the guy who put up with the cat guy.

“Nah, they’ll just ignore it,” I decided.

Bryan was at the checkout buying two shirts when he called over: “We can get a third item for 30% off. You want something?”

So I grabbed one of the toy cats and thought, well, at least if they ignore it I won’t have spent too much.

As I often do when I want to film them, I set up cameras in the hallway and record the cats doing their thing and check the footage later to see what transpired. I’d gone to the trouble before of setting up the cameras when I bought them a new toy only to capture a bunch of footage where they sniffed the new stimulus, yawned and wandered off. But not this time.

They were incredibly intrigued with this moving, squawking trinket. Was it an intruder? A brand new kitten? The communication between Shorty and Kodi is fascinating to watch as they try to figure this thing out. Check out their ears!

In the end, leave it to Kodi to grab on to its “leash” and take the kitty for a stroll in one of his most memorable moments. You never know what your cats will respond to but I think it’s good to try new things to stimulate their interest and intellect. Here’s Walking the Kitten:


6 thoughts on “Walking the Kitten: Toys That Work

  1. I love your videos, and, of course, Shorty and Kodi. I also enjoy the music, very much! Hugs and cat-kisses for all of you from Valparaíso, Chile. Ah, by the way, the best wishes for 2016, Happy New Year!

  2. One of the best, yet simplest toys I got for Charli, my male Siamese, was a free can koozie from a college football game. No idea why, but he loves to wrestle with and sink his teeth into it. Hey, better the koozie than my hands!

  3. I have not tried this type of toy with Rose and Pearl. They LOVE their organic catnip stuffed toys. Also, like the wand toys. With everything I give them, I suourrvise. Pearl eats/chews plastic. Happy New Year from Rose & Pearl & their human.

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