Winning the Golden Kitty Award

I can’t think of a better way to spend time with 10,000 other happy, positive folks than to sit in a wide open field on a beautiful day watching cat videos.

And that’s what the Internet Cat Video Festival is!

cat festival crowd

It was really fun when Will Braden, creator of the Henri le Chat Noir character and winner of the first Golden Kitty, notified me that my video, 8 Signs of Addiction was a finalist for the 2014 festival. I certainly had no inclinations that anything would come from making cat videos. I didn’t even know how to film them, I just learned as I went along.Then when he told me that ShoKo fans voted in record droves for us, making us the winner, it was a big thrill.

(Here’s the banana catnip toy that drives Shorty crazy!)

So off we went, Bryan and me, to Minneapolis to chill with tons of cat people and accept the award. It was a bonus to discover that Minneapolis is really beautiful and the people are so nice.

of2014icvf0814 Open Field; Education, Community Programs; Target Free Thursday Night. The third Internet Cat Video Festival, back at Open Field, August 14, 2014. This year’s kitty rumpus features a new selection of videos programmed by Will Braden, creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos and recipient of the first Golden Kitty (People’s Choice) Award. The evening is hosted by Tom Weber, cat video enthusiast, veteran #catvidfest juror, and cohost of MPR’s The Daily Circuit. A guest appearance by Lil BUB, live music from Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers, a cash bar, food trucks, and feline-themed activities round out the evening. Schedule of Events 6 pm: Food trucks, cash bar, and activities on Open Field 7 pm: Live music by Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers 8:45 pm: Reel begins 10 pm: Program concludes

Will Braden handing me the Golden Kitty award

It was super fun and a real honour to receive the Golden Kitty. What’s funny is that the award is actually a piggy bank. This is keeping in tradition with the first Golden Kitty handed to Will who started to let it go to his head that 10,000 people were cheering for him, but when he looked at the award he realized it was a piggy bank. “Keeps you humble,” he said, “and to remember that, you know, it’s just cat videos.”

Yes, just cat videos, but many people have told me that they are pieces of joy in their days that aren’t always so joyful, so I deeply respect what they can bring to others and it remains an honour and responsibility to keep spreading the joy.

If you can, try to get to the cat festival near you. They tour all over the world. It was wonderful meeting so many people, ShoKo fans, and other cat video makers, like the very awesome and very tall duo from The Engineer’s Guide to Cats, Paul Klusman and TJ Wingard, who were also nominated that year.

rob moore paul klusman tj wingard golden kitty

Me with the Cat Engineers, TJ Wingard (left) and Paul Klusman

And of course, it was a great moment when the festival came to my hometown of Toronto as part of tiff. Seeing Shorty and Kodi up on the big screen was truly epic!

shorty kodi tiff cat festival

ShoKo on the big screen at the tiff Bell Lightbox Theatre

Thanks to everyone who voted for us!


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